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Product Collections / Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

For the Ones Striving to Preserve the Planet, Protect People and Improve Productivity

Grainger Is Here to Help You Navigate the Environmental, Social and Economic Aspects of Sustainability

We embrace sustainability within our own organization. Grainger's Sustainability/Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report demonstrates the progress and impact of this important work. This resource highlights critical initiatives that focus on Grainger's commitment to meeting our sustainability goals. In addition, organizations like yours are increasingly being called on to operate and make decisions in a responsible way.


Grainger is dedicated to helping you achieve your sustainability goals by providing Certified Environmentally Preferable Products (CEPPs), Environmentally Preferable Products (EPPs) and Other Sustainability Related Products (OSRPs), services and resources that span the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability.* While you may be experiencing increased pressure to be environmental stewards, protectors of people and the public, and responsible corporate citizens, it is also critical that your business remains profitable and viable along the way. As you prepare for your sustainability journey, count on us every step of the way.


Find the sustainability solutions designed to help your organization meet ongoing energy, waste, air and water management sustainability goals.



Create a safer, more secure and sustainable workplace with our products and services to help improve the quality of life for your employees and communities—all while encouraging diversity spend.



Let us help you champion efficient, profitable and sustainable business solutions that drive productivity throughout your organization.


Sustainability Services

You have sustainability goals and we have services ready and waiting. Whether you are just beginning your journey or well on your way, let us help you reach your goals by exploring our 12+ sustainability-related services.

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Our Latest Everyday Essentials Catalog is Online

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*Certified Environmentally Preferable Products (CEPPs) and Environmentally Preferable Products (EPPs) are designed to have a lesser or reduced effect on human health or the environment when compared to other products. Both CEPPs and EPPs contain environmental attributes provided and validated by the product suppliers. CEPPs are certified by an independent certification body and validated by a Grainger designated third-party certification body. EPPs are validated by a Grainger designated third-party certification body. For both CEPPs and EPPs, the designations are explained in the product details and compliance and restrictions information and identified by a green leaf icon. Other Sustainability Related Products (OSRPs) do not call out environmental attributes but can help customers meet their sustainability initiatives. Please note that some product categories contain CEPPs, EPPs and OSRPs. To view CEPPs and EPPs, the environmentally preferable filter toggle must be turned on.