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Industries / Manufacturing


Focus on the work. We'll handle the rest.

Here for you with the right supplies and solutions so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your manufacturing operations.

Grainger Has Manufacturing Covered

Keeping up with the demands of your manufacturing operation is tough. You need a partner who understands the unique needs of manufacturing facilities. Let us help with supplies and solutions to help you tackle safety, productivity and protect your business from costly downtime.


Equip your team with the tools, supplies and safety gear they need to get more done.


Quality Control

Make sure you have what it takes to maintain the quality and integrity of your production line.

Lab Design & Installation Services

Tool Crib

Get the parts, tools and supplies you need to help keep your production line moving.

KeepStock® Inventory Management

Mechanical Room

Keep your facility running at its best with the right equipment for every job.

Grainger Energy Services

Docks & Warehouses

The essentials you need to help move, ship or store just about everything in your facility.

Grainger Lighting Services

Exterior & Grounds

Maintain the exterior of your facility with equipment and supplies for every season and building type.

Facility Services

Metalworking Solutions

We deliver powerful metalworking solutions for your everyday needs and beyond! Count on us for an expanded portfolio of products, services and expertise. It's everything you need to help stay productive, organized and focused on your metalworking operations. 

For the Ones Who Dig Deeper

The Grainger KnowHow site has news, insights, videos and interactive content to help you stay in the know.

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