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Industries / Healthcare


One Source for Your Entire Hospital

From the parking lot to the pharmacy, you have a team you can trust for the needs of every department.

Your Healthcare Solution

We are here to help your healthcare organizations achieve the most important goal—to deliver safe, quality care—while improving operational efficiency, patient experience, safety and compliance. With over 250 team members who specialize in helping hospitals overcome challenges and navigate the latest industry trends, you can count on us to provide impactful solutions and healthcare supplies.

Design, Build, Maintain

From construction to utility systems to facility services, help keep your hospital's built environment safe and functional with hospital maintenance supplies.

Energy Efficiency

Facility Services

Infection Prevention

Safety & Security

Maintain a safe and functional built environment that helps ensure the safety of the patients, staff and visitors throughout the grounds and facility.

Safety Solutions


Slips, Trips & Falls


EH&S Service

Digital Services

Emergency Management

Help prepare for the unforeseen disasters or emergencies that can otherwise disrupt the ability to provide safe care.



Communicable Diseases

Wildfires & Droughts

Winter Preparedness

Active Shooter


Hazardous Materials

Power Outages

Patient Care

Gain access to the medical supplies you need to help improve the patient experience by meeting their needs.

Behavioral Health

Help mitigate ligature risk in the physical environment.

TJC/CMS Water System Requirements within Healthcare Facilities

Kym Orange – Grainger, Sr. Manager Healthcare Strategy & Offers
Aaron Rosenblatt – A Principal of Gordon & Rosenblatt
Shane Sullivan – Vice President of Sales, Nephros, Inc.

April 15, 2021  |  1 p.m. EST  

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