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Industries / Healthcare


One Source for the Continuum of Care

From clinics to hospitals to senior living communities, count on Grainger for solutions in every department.

Your Healthcare Solution

We are here to help your healthcare organizations achieve the most important goal—to deliver safe, quality care—while helping to improve operational efficiency, patient and resident experience, safety and compliance. With over 250 team members who specialize in helping healthcare organizations overcome challenges and navigate the latest industry trends, you can count on us to provide impactful solutions and healthcare supplies.

Procurement Program Options

Grainger is working with leading Group Purchasing Organizations and healthcare technology companies to leverage solutions that help significantly and effectively reduce associated operating costs.

Industry Expertise

As one of the nation's leading suppliers of healthcare facility products, Grainger also works with the industry's top organizations and associations to provide you with the best healthcare solutions. 

Hospitals & Outpatient Care Facilities

Senior Living & Long-Term Care Facilities

Healthcare Roadmap

Renovation Capital & Construction Solutions


Everyone Can Use Some KnowHow

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Choose from a menu of services offered through our network of qualified, insured and licensed providers. 

Healthcare Digital Catalog

Get all the benefits of our print catalog combined with the immediate, searchable convenience of online shopping.