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Industries / Commercial


For the ones who stock, store, secure, maintain and more, there's Grainger.

Get the products, services and resources that make a difference when it comes to helping you get the job done right.

No Job Too Small or Too Big

We're ready to help keep your operations running, people safe and costs under control.

Building Maintenance

Find products and services that help you solve existing problems fast while you maintain your building from structural to system challenges. In addition, keep your operations running with the least amount of downtime with our preventative maintenance products.

Facility Services

Exterior Grounds & Maintenance

Help prevent slips, trips and falls from the parking lot to your building entrance with reliable products. In addition, access points such as doors, windows, cracks and holes can allow heating or cooling to escape, resulting in systems running harder and increased energy costs.

Facility Services

Warehousing, Stock & Storage

Proper storage can minimize handling costs and maximize space utilization. All items should be stored safely to help prevent falling objects or obstructions that could cause slips, trips, falls or collisions.

Lighting Services

Energy Management

The simplest way to save money within any organization is to reduce the amount of energy consumed. This includes HVAC upgrades, compressed air system studies, lighting retrofits, water conservation and more.

Sustainability Services

Energy Services

Safety & Security

Safety demands a 24/7 commitment. Get trusted products and services for your business along with comprehensive solutions that help you meet your safety goals as you build and sustain a culture of operational excellence. Think Safety. Think Grainger.®

Safety Services


Because your day is anything but predictable, we go where you go. From our dock to your door or job site, you can count on Grainger to get you what you need to keep projects on task, on time and on budget.

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