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Help / User Management

User Management

Available to Admin users, the User Management feature displays information and settings for all users registered on your account. This page will allow you to add, approve, update, remove or deny user access to the account and manage settings or preferences.

How to Access

  • Must be signed in to
  • User Management can be accessed from the My Account drop down at the top of

Manage User Registration

  • View all registered users including those pending approval on the account
  • Search by first or last name or filter by registration status or by role
  • Add a new individual or multiple users to the account by clicking on Add User(s)
    • Verify that the user is not already associated with the account in the list at the left
  • Invite individual or multiple offline users by clicking on Invite User(s)
    • Offline users are affiliated to the account as a contact but not registered on
  • Deny user access: select user, update registration status to Access Denied
  • Remove user: select the user and click Remove User; this action will remove the user from having access to the account
  • Select Update to save all changes

Manage User Settings

  • Define user role as Admin to Standard
    • Admin users have administrative rights to update all registered users, set customization and locking features and manage Order Management System
    • Standard users can access and order online but do not have the ability to make account or other user level changes
  • Manage settings for all Standard users by locking fields like payment method, shipping addresses, shipping method and/or carrier preference
  • Update order management at the user level
  • View or update user contact information
    • Registered users can manage their own contact information & personal settings

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