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Help / Personal and Shared Lists

Use Lists to save and organize your most purchased products. Create Lists to identify common purchases by location or user, build a quick reference of key products, or any grouping that resonates with your business and users. Find a product once, add it to a list and be able to access it through logged in on any device.


How to Access

  • Must be signed in to to access
  • My Lists can be accessed from the My Account

Creating and Using Lists

Lists are quick and easy to create from the My Lists page or from the Product Detail Page. Use Lists to organize products frequently purchased, preferred, or that you need to reference quickly and easily; such as required PPE for your team members. Lists can be created for individual use or shared to all users on the account to encourage standardization and ease of use.

  • Save important details about each product like preferred reorder quantity or your internal customer part number for the products in your list
    • Line level detail saved within your list follows into the cart for quick and accurate checkout
  • View price and availability at a glance for the products in each list
  • Add products to your cart right from your list for quick ordering

Inventory Fields

Additional Inventory Fields are available at the product level to address light inventory and organization needs. View this detail within your List or print labels to organize your space and make ordering more efficient.

  • Capture product details like product location and part number to connect List products to physical locations or processes in your facility
  • Choose quantity values for on hand inventory to indicate the ideal time to order-when min quantity is reached and how much to order-the balance to reach max quantity
  • Use labels to display product number, image, and inventory fields for selected items for quick reference, ordering, or to organize stock locations

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