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Environmental, Health & Safety Solution Center | SDS Management

SDS Management

A Better Way to Manage Your SDS Library

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Our online SDS solutions give you the power and protection to manage your site-specific safety data sheets (SDS) and Globally Harmonized System (GHS) requirements online.With the capability to search from a library of millions of SDSs directly from your PC, you’ll have 24/7 access to industry-leading databases of safety data sheets to ensure your SDS library is always complete, up to date and in compliance. Get notified automatically as the latest GHS-compliant SDS become available for any existing SDS you have in your library Our SDS solutions are ideal for managing a smaller number of sites as well an entire enterprise.

Call 855-5eSafety (855-537-2338) for more information.

SDS Vault

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Enterprise SDS Solutions

Call 855-5eSafety (855-537-2338) for more information.

Features SDS Vault Enterprise
Upload PDF SDS Up to 100 Unlimited
SDS Requests for Missing SDS per year Up to 25 Unlimited
Number of Sites Single with upgrade option Unlimited
Administrator One with upgrade option Unlimited
Min. Quantity assigned to customized library 100 with upgrade option Unlimited
Assign SDS to client customized library
Generate SDS library back-up (zip to digital media or paint)
Updating to new versions
Assign and manage SDS to multiple sites
Electronic company wide access to search, view & print. Multi-site linkage in single library
Admin email notification upon SDS update
Chemical List printing for OSHA audit
Standard reporting export (MS Excel)
Label customization & access
Ad hoc custom report generation  
Hazardous material reporting  
Summary sheet/ worker safety card  
Multi-lingual interface & document support  
Regulatory list content  
New material approval workflow  
Inventory management & regulatory report functionality  

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