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Protecting Your People and Surroundings

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For the Ones Who Get It Done Safely

To help protect your crew, you want a safety partner who shares your commitment to seeing everyone return home safe at the end of the day. From board certified safety professionals to free safety product technical support and access to safety assessments and training, count on Grainger to help build your safety culture. We have the EH&S products, services and solutions to help you avoid incidents, maintain compliance, manage risk, increase productivity and protect the environment.

Featured Safety Categories

Lockout / Tagout

Lockout / Tagout

Lockout Tagout Lockout Tagout

Browse our complete collection of safety supplies and equipment to help protect your crew and operate safer facilities.

EH&S Services

Turnkey solutions from leading safety suppliers and third-party providers help safeguard your people and facility. May be subject to a fee and agreement.

Safety Data Sheets

Quickly access the most current SDS for your records to help keep employees informed and your facility in compliance.

EH&S Webinar Signup

Use our free on-demand webinar series to help stay informed of environmental, health and safety trends affecting your operations.

Everyone Can Use Some KnowHow

Your comprehensive online source for MRO-related guides, tips and trends updates regularly. Don’t miss the latest news you can use.

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Safety Moment

Experienced Safety Professionals

On the phone or in the field, our team of safety pros can help you create a safer, more productive workplace. We offer technical product support, strategic recommendations, product consultations, on-site assessments and turnkey safety solutions.

Safety Solutions

Personal Protective Equipment

Working at Elevated Heights

Electrical Safety


Confined Spaces

Safety Communications

Additional Safety Solutions

  • Slips & Trips
  • Emergency Planning & Response
  • Industrial Vehicles & Equipment
  • Machine Guarding

Health Solutions

Occupational Health Programs

Medical First Aid

Heat Stress

Cold Stress

Additional Health Solutions

  • Respiratory Protection
  • Hearing Conservation

  • Ergonomics
  • Radiation Safety

Environmental Solutions

Ask us how we can help you protect the environment by focusing on air, water, waste and chemical management solutions.

Security Solutions

Talk to your Grainger rep for security solutions to help preserve your infrastructure, protect your people and safely store chemicals.