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Master Lock Professional Lockout Service

MasterLock Professional Lockout Service
What Is the Service?
Now available through Grainger, Master Lock’s team of lockout experts can help your facility comply with OSHA lockout safety regulations through a systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing service. This service includes:

Lockout Program Development: An on-site consultation will assess your workplace to develop a comprehensive lockout program using a multi-tactic methodology.
Written Lockout Procedures: An evaluation of your equipment and facility layout is used to develop lockout procedures, capturing specific equipment details and isolation procedures. Results are delivered in electronic and laminated hard copy forms.
Compliance Training: Refined training is tailored to your specific lockout methods and staff responsibilities. Training options include Lockout Practitioner Certification, Authorized Personnel Course and Affected Personnel Course.
Inspections & Audits: Periodic evaluation of the effectiveness and accuracy of the written machine-specific procedures in your facility as well as the performance of your authorized personnel will help you meet regulatory requirements.
What Are the Benefits?

While lockout procedures are required for the majority of machinery within a facility, lockout hazards remain one of OSHA’s most frequently cited safety violations. Whether you’re looking to improve your existing lockout procedures or develop a new program, Master Lock’s lockout specialists can help ensure you’re following proper precautions to prevent the accidental startup of your machinery. This service can help you:

  • Comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147, the Control of Hazardous Energy
  • Identify existing hazards in your facility
  • Reduce the risk of injuries and costly OSHA citations
  • Standardize your lockout procedures with consistent materials
  • Develop visual reference tools to clearly communicate your program
  • Implement ongoing training for your employees
How Do I Get Started?
Contact your Grainger Sales Representative for more details on how to put the Master Lock Professional Lockout Service to work for your facility today!
Note: This service is available for Government customers on E&I, NJPA, NIPA and TCPN cooperatives. It is not available on the NASPO ValuePoint contract or for any Federal Customers.