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Lockout/Tagout Services

Count on Grainger’s lockout/tagout solutions to help create safe and compliant work environments. Our products, services and safety network resources include lockout program assessments, visual lockout procedure services, equipment-specific procedure development, on-site training and more. Offered through industry-leading, third-party service providers, our Lockout/Tagout Services* can help you address OSHA 29 CFR 1910.147 lockout/tagout compliance issues and hazards in your facility.

*Contact your Grainger rep for details, availability and eligibility. Services are provided by third-party providers and may be subject to a fee and agreement.

The most-cited sections within the lockout/tagout standard focus on procedure development and use, inspections, employee training, and notification of the application and removal of lockout or tagout devices. (Source: National Safety Council, 2018)

Following proper lockout/tagout procedures prevents an estimated 120 fatalities and 50,000 injuries each year.
(Source: OSHA, 2016)

Failure to control hazardous energy accounts for nearly 10 percent of the serious accidents in many industries.
(Source: OSHA, 2018)


A team of lockout experts can help your facility comply with OSHA lockout safety regulations through a systematic audit and visual lockout procedure writing service. Services include:

1) Lockout Program Development

2) Written Lockout Procedures

3) Compliance Training

4) Inspections and Audits

5) Lockout/Tagout Procedure Software Management Solution

Contact your Grainger rep or call 1.800.GRAINGER to see how we can help protect your people and facility against lockout/tagout hazards.

Services are provided by third-party providers and may be subject to a fee and agreement


You choose the areas you want to focus on improving lockout/tagout safety at your facility.


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