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Lighting controls, including motion sensors and dimmer switches, help reduce lighting consumption.

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Lamp Recycling

Help protect the environment by recycling linear fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) at the end of their life.

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Green Resources

Searching for environmentally preferrable products? Finding such products on just got a lot easier.

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Help conserve energy with lighting products like halogen, linear fluorescent and LED bulbs from Grainger. Here you'll find thousands of more energy-efficient lighting solutions including compact fluorescents and recycling kits to help dispose of old light bulbs. Install lighting controls, including dimmers and occupancy sensors, to help reduce your electric bill and take even more costs out of managing your facility.

Lighting Legislation

The Department of Energy has raised the minimum efficiency requirements for many categories of lighting. Learn how you can save on utility and replacement costs.

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LED Lighting

Energy is often the largest line item on an operation's facility management bill. Monitoring and reducing excess energy use throughout your facility can lead to savings, as well as help reduce your energy costs on an ongoing basis.

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Lighting Products

You'll find a broad selection of lighting solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry. Grainger has all the lighting products you need to keep your workplace bright.

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Instant Rebates

Grainger now offers eligible business customers instant utility rebates for purchases of select energy-efficient lighting on behalf of certain local utility providers.

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Light Bulb Comparison

See how replacement options for a 60W incandescent lamp (used three hours per day at $0.11/kWh) stack up.

Halogen Lamps Compact Flourescent Lamps LED Lamps
About $7 per bulb
CFL (Compact

About $8 per bulb
LED (Light-
Emitting Diode)

About $48 per bulb
Life Span 1 to 3 years
(up to 3 times as long)
7 to 11 years
(up to 10 times as long)
23 years or more
(up to 25 times as long)
Savings* Around $2 Around $53 Around $137
Must-Know Info Great for spaces where lights are turned on and off frequently.

But halogens just meet new standards, using only 28% less energy. You won't see a dramatic savings here, but they should last longer.
Great for spaces where lights are left on for 20 minutes or longer at a time.

But CFLs take a little while to warm up to full brightness. Frequent on-and-off switching can shorten life. Be careful if this lamp breaks, it contains mercury and should be handled with care.
Great for spaces where lights are hard to reach and usually kept on. LEDs also emit less heat and are harder to break.

But LEDs cost more up front and should not be used in enclosed fixtures.

* Energy cost savings over the life of the bulb compared to incandescent lamps. Sources: Department of Energy and ENERGY STAR

Lighting Calculators

Cost of Waiting Estimator

Don't wait. Start saving energy now. Compare the cost of electricity for your current lighting system vs. your proposed lighting systems, and estimate how much it will cost to delay the upgrade.
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Linear Fluorescent Retrofit Calculator

This guide can help you select which solution maximizes the benefits most important to you.
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