Is Your Facility Prepared for an Active Shooter?


By: Grainger Editorial Staff

Posted: 01/17/17


Alarmingly, more hospitals and healthcare facilities need to prepare for the possibility of a shooting onsite. It's a real problem, and it doesn't only happen in large facilities in large cities. In fact, the bulk of active shooter data is coming from 300-bed or less sized facilities. Almost one hospital a week has to deal with a shooting and the incidents are scattered all over the United States.

Why Healthcare?

There are a variety of reasons, but there seem to be more motives connected to healthcare facilities. Violence and problems in the community are spilling over into the community hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Violence and gangs, drug abuse, the economy and joblessness are some of the key contributing factors to the problem. And unfortunately today, more people carry guns at the same time that funding for behavioral health is decreasing. Further complicating the issue, psychiatric beds just aren't as available as they once were because many facilities don't have the budget or capacity. Emotionally charged situations often associated with hospitals can lead to violence and sometimes do. For this reason, more hospital staff must have a security sense about them at all times and have a plan for the event of an active shooter situation.



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