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Journey to Safety Excellence

Journey to Safety Excellence
What is Journey to Safety Excellence?

The Journey to Safety Excellence is a program designed to assess not only your safety program strengths, but also where you might have opportunities to improve. That assessment becomes the guide or beginning of your Journey. The program will take those identified opportunities, provide guidance to improve in those areas and implement the plans. You can help improve your safety program in four areas:

• Leadership and employee engagement

• Safety management systems

• Risk reduction

• Performance measurement

These four areas (or pillars) are the focus where the biggest impact on workplace safety can be made.

Why is Grainger Working with NSC on the Journey to Safety Excellence?

Safety is an important part of what we do and promote at Grainger. We work hard to help ensure you have access to the products, services and resources to help keep your employees safe and healthy while operating safer facilities.

Through our extensive work with associations like the National Safety Council (NSC), we know these organizations have a deep membership that values the importance of safety in their everyday operations. These organizations have connections throughout the industry that help them create tools and resources beyond products and services that help a company reach a better safety status.

By sponsoring the Journey to Safety Excellence, we hope to help further promote NSC efforts in the development of tools and resources to help you assess, maintain and improve your safety programs to achieve a zero-injury workplace.

Where Do I Begin My Journey?
Start by completing the NSC Safety System Assessment. This free self-assessment tool is a 69-question form to be completed by the manager leading your safety effort. The results are benchmarked against a database of more than 500 organizations.

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