Hurricane season is June through November in the U.S. The winds from these storms can exceed 155 mph and the tornadoes, microbursts and storm surges associated with hurricanes often add to the devastation.

Download this checklist to make sure you have the products and resources that can help keep people and property safe in a hurricane emergency.

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Review your emergency plan with employees. Store all your vital records offsite.

Obtain additional plywood or other needed window protection.

Have essential emergency supplies available.

Prior to evacuation, turn off and unplug all electrical equipment.


Have a battery- or crank-operated radio handy for emergency-related updates.

Check for gas leaks and carefully check your electrical system.

Avoid floodwater to prevent injury or illness.

To prevent mold growth, dry out buildings and their contents and restore utilities as soon as possible.

To prevent illness, disinfect everything that became wet.

To protect yourself from hazardous materials during clean-up, wear protective clothing.


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