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Get access to over 1,000,000 products from anywhere, with the Grainger mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Now you can perform the following functions from anywhere and at any time.

MY LISTS Access the same personal and shared lists you already use on Grainger.com® to quickly reorder products. You can also tie a list to a specific address and utilize your location services on your mobile device to quickly access those products.

ORDER MANAGEMENT Create order workflows to view pending orders that require your attention and quickly approve them from anywhere.

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY View product availability from the search results page to get an expected shipment arrival date or to find the closest branch that has the product in stock for pick up.

ORDER HISTORY Access orders you’ve placed within the past 18 months to check order status or quickly place a reorder.

CHAT WITH AN EXPERT Have questions about a product? Chat with a service representative, upload a photo and get answers from a Grainger expert on the spot. (Available on iPhone app only).

BARCODE SCANNING Need to reorder a product from Grainger quickly? Scan the product barcode from your mobile device and upload it directly into your shopping cart.

FIND A BRANCH Quickly find a branch based on your location, zip code, area code or even state. No need to stop and ask for directions—you can access turn-by-turn directions from your current location.

INTEGRATED CART When you’re signed in to Grainger.com®, any activity you perform on your phone is also available on your desktop, and vice versa. You can add products to your cart before you hit the road so when you arrive at the job site, you can confirm those are the products you need, open the app to access your cart and check out.

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Mobile Overview

The Grainger suite of mobile options makes it easy for you to get the supplies you need no matter where your work takes you. The Grainger mobile apps can be downloaded on your iPad, iPhone or Android devices.

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Downloading & Signing In

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Accessing Products

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Completing an Order

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Location-Based Lists

Managing multiple facilities can be challenging, especially when each location has different product needs. The Location-Based Lists feature on the Grainger Mobile App uses your mobile device’s location services to provide you with product lists tied to every building you serve.

Location-Based List Overview

Location-Based Lists will show you which product you need for a location and the best way to get it.

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Location-Based List from Web to Mobile

Location-Based Lists can be quickly set-up on Grainger.com® with your existing lists. Learn how to get started and create new lists.

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Creating a Location-Based List via Mobile Apps

You can quickly create a Location-Based List directly from your Grainger Mobile App.

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