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The Account Customization section is available for all account administrators and is accessible directly from My Account at the top of every page on®. Activating both order and line item level fields impacts all account users. Administrators can choose to make certain fields required on the account. These fields would be marked by an "*" and would need to be completed prior to finalizing an order.

Line item field names can be customized for your organizational needs. Administrators can also choose these fields to be customized as drop down or free entry text.

When line item fields are activated, they appear in both Lists and in the Cart section of If you would like to save your line item field entry for future orders or to share this information with other users on the account, you can complete these fields in List and hit Update. By adding the item to your order directly from the List, the saved line item field content will also flow through the order process to your cart and appear on all relevant order, billing and shipping documents.