Green Resources

At Grainger, we believe that sustainability is going mainstream for the long term. No matter where your organization may be in its sustainability journey, we’d like to understand your definition of sustainability and explore the many ways that our products, services and commitment to the environment can help you get there.

Our customers have increasingly requested environmentally preferable products (EPP) and over the years we have significantly expanded our EPP portfolio to fulfill customer needs. Through this portfolio, we’re able to help customers maintain sustainable facilities thru efficient energy management, water conservation, waste reduction and improved indoor air quality. Use our online filtering capability to filter any product search and evaluate environmentally preferable alternatives (see How To Find Environmentally Preferable Products on Grainger also maintains a growing portfolio of sustainability-related services which include site audits, payback analysis, utility rebate assistance and recycling of replaced product.

Green Resources

Solutions for Managing Energy





Window & Door Seals


Motion Sensors


HVAC & Refrigeration




Motor Speed Controls


Air Conditioners


Air Filters


Caulks, Sealants & Fillers


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Lighting Solutions


Energy Services


Midstream Utility Incentive Programs


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Solutions for Conserving Water

Toilets & Urinals






Faucet Aerators


Sprinkler Timers


Drinking Fountains


Automatic Flush Valves


Drip Irrigation


Water Leak Detector


Water Heaters


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EPA Watersense
Rebate Finder


Energy Services


Midstream Utility Incentive Programs


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Solutions for Reducing Waste

Recycling Bins


Waste Bags


Paper Products & Dispensers


Office Supplies


Disposable Tableware


Bottle Filling Stations


Safety Signs


Safety Matting


Packaging & Shipping Supplies


Recycling Kits


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EPA Managing &
Reducing Waste


EPA Hazardous Waste


VEOLIA Recycling Solutions


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Solutions for Indoor Air Quality

Interior Paints


Exterior Paints


Cleaning Chemicals


Adhesives & Sealants




Air Filters




Office Supplies


Office Furniture


Storage Cabinets


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Pratt & Lambert Low VOC Paints


EPA Improving Indoor Air Quality


USGBC Indoor Environmental Quality


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