Managing Food Quality and Safety

Check out essential products and solutions that  help keep food production clean, consistant and safe.

When it comes to food processing, quality is essential and safety is critical. Managing FDA and USDA compliance, achieving industry certifications and preparing for extensive audits is a tough job. We can help. Below you’ll find ten of the most important issues you may deal with every day. Check out the products and solutions that can help you execute a food safety plan, protect your brand and meet maximum productivity while manufacturing a quality, contaminant-free product.

Food Planet Zoning

To comply with both regulatory requirements under FDA/FSMA and GFSI industry requirements food companies must establish control of food-safe premises, plants and food risk zones. Make sure standards are met with help from solutions like color coding and proper labeling.

Equipment & Facility Control

Complying with OSHA regulations for machine lockouts, safely storing ingredients and preventing personnel from contaminating your product are just a few of the issues you may deal with every day. When it comes to food safety and security, Grainger has the products that can help.

Building Maintenance

From your production line all the way out to your parking lot, your operation relies on the condition of your facility. Get the products you need to help make everything run smoothly, because even something as simple as a crack in the floor could mean trouble.

Food Safety and Security

Many food plants are required by the Department of Homeland Security to have security programs. The integrity of your product depends on the people and processes responsible for creating it. Making sure everything (and everyone) is in the right place can be easier with the proper tools.

Food & Non- Food Contact

Help avoid contamination in your food processing plant from the equipment you use in it. Whether it’s the lubrication they need or a simple fitting that could potentially ruin a batch, we have the right products for the job.

Materials Hazard Warnings

Help keep everyone in your facility safe and on the job with the information they need to avoid hazards. Check out some of the ways we can help reduce the number of accidents in your facility.

Safety & Sanitation

Complying with FDA, OSHA and USDA requirements is essential, particularly in the food and beverage industry. Be sure you have what it takes to maintain the high standards for cleanliness that food production requires and keep employees safe.


An organized production area is the foundation for a safe and efficient operation. Take a look at your facility and let us provide you with the equipment that can help make your current processes the best they can be.

Tagging/Labeling & Lighting

In a busy facility proper tagging and labeling not only helps save product, it can also help prevent injuries. We can bring you metal-detectable labels and tags and help address the unique lighting needs of your food production facility.

Test & Measurement

Your quality control and lab personnel are on the front lines of defense when it comes to protecting the quality of your product. Give them professional-caliber tools that not only help produce safe, consistent batches, but can also help with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).