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Eyelation® Prescription Safety Eyewear Program

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What Is the Program?
The Eyelation program is a simple 3-step system that makes it easy to provide prescription safety eyewear to your workforce. Let Eyelation help you protect the eyes of every employee, on every shift and at every location.
What Are the Benefits?

Easy from the Start
The Eyelation program helps reduce administration time and costs by:
• Managing benefits at the kiosk or the online ordering site; eliminating paper forms
• Tracking employee status and purchases through reporting
• Supporting program requirements or restrictions through customization

Saves Time & Money
With the Eyelation program, safety managers can spend less time managing panel doctor programs or coordinating schedules for eyewear representatives and employees on varying shifts. The program also helps eliminate other transactional costs that can result from more time-consuming, conventional eyewear programs.

Available 24/7
Because the on-site kiosks can be accessed at work at any time, employees can easily comply with OSHA requirements during their regular workday. While they will still need to see a doctor to receive a prescription, they can do so at their convenience and they won’t need to spend additional time choosing safety frames from limited selections. The program also works with our online ordering system to allow employees to order from any mobile device.

Improves Compliance
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 90% of all workplace eye injuries are preventable with the proper safety glasses and face protection. Workers that wear prescription glasses face comfort and fit issues when they wear safety glasses over their prescription glasses. Prescription safety glasses provide a better fit and improved comfort, which can help improve compliance and reduce eye injuries.

How Do I Get Started?
Contact your Grainger Account Manager or Territory Sales Representative for details about a better way to help keep your employees’ eyesight safe. Eligibility is subject to certain qualifying criteria.