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An eProcurement solution is a seamless electronic connection between your company and Grainger. An eProcurement system is set up to emulate an online retail-like experience to help you find products, place orders and make payments easily and efficiently. Whether you have eProcurement software or an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Grainger eProcurement can help you achieve your goals for reducing requisition-to-order costs and increasing your invoice-to-purchase order matching.
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Grainger eProcurement helps support your procure-to-pay workflow by offering an easy way to shop for MRO products, place orders and receive invoices electronically for future matching and payment. It’s the right solution to help you meet your spend management needs.
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Grainger eProcurement integrates with XML or EDI technologies to help automate order and invoice transactions, and minimize manual intervention. Studies show that automation of the ordering process helps to increase productivity and reduce overall transaction costs.1


Enabling custom catalog facilitates contract compliance. The custom catalog functionality provides an easy way to help limit your spend to pre-selected products for consistency and maximum savings, which can help take costs out of your business.
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With a customized® home page, your company logo, exclusive message and important contract details are front and center.
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Have the ability to receive quotations directly on your online account including any product available online and/or special ordered items.
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KeepStock Solutions are designed to help you meet your organization’s inventory management needs. KeepStock Solutions includes Customer-Managed Inventory (CMI) and Grainger-Managed Inventory (GMI) options, as well as dispensing machines. If you are already using KeepStock Inventory Management Solutions, you can also manage those orders through your Grainger punchout on your eProcurement or ERP system. Call your Grainger Representative to learn more.
Grainger KeepStock® solutions are subject to customer eligibility and agreements.
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The most successful eProcurement systems start with a streamlined, retail-like vision from shopping to ordering to invoicing. To build optimal purchasing system, you should have a solid strategy and engage with your end-users.

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