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Improve Facility Lighting Quality and Reduce Your Energy Costs

Did You Know?

Most facilities have encountered a roof leak at one time or another.
It is a common concern in food manufacturing plants and warehouses which might result in microbiological contamination due to unclean water.*

Falls from roof edges accounted for half of all the fall deaths reported.
This is compared to fall deaths from ladders, skylights, unspecified falls, roof openings, roof surfaces and scaffolds.**

More than 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely.
A proactively maintained roofing system has an average life of 21 years compared to 13 years with a reactive maintenance program.***

* AIB International, Food First Blog, April 2015.
** Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.
*** Commercial Roof Maintenance: A Proactive Approach, 2012.


  • I want to improve my rooftop safety features and prevent injuries from trips or falls from rooftops.
  • I want long lasting and aesthetically pleasing non-penetrating rooftop solutions.
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  • I want to maximize the life of my roof.
  • I want to protect the value of my building.
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