Grainger Consulting Services

Your Payoff

Reduce Operational
Expense by 25%*

Based on our customer research, most customers have the opportunity to take as much as 25% or more out of their costs.

Increase Productivity

We can provide the guidance to relevant products, services and solutions to help keep your facilities safe and running efficiently.

Improve Competitive Advantage

We provide a comprehensive performance measurement package for your business, including how to measure progress moving forward to help sustain results and drive continuous improvement.


For those institutions interested in implementing a vendor consolidation program featuring great value, competitive pricing, and the opportunity to significantly reduce inventory...Grainger is absolutely the way to go.

The Grainger Consulting Group was very thorough in evaluating our MRO procurement process, from selecting an item to cutting the check, a must know for every organization.


*25% + in value is typically recognized through a focus on inventory management, process enhancements and product rationalization. Actual value will vary based upon customer's recognition and implementation of recommendations made by Grainger.