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Find out how to order with stimulus funds.

Find out how to order with stimulus funds.



Reporting to the govenment.

Reporting to the government.

ARRA Funding for Federal Projects

GSA Schedule: GS06F-0007J Class: 51V Super Hardware Store
Take advantage of your GSA Schedule contract pricing with Grainger and further stretch those Stimulus Funds. Leverage your contract pricing and get the supplies and equipment you need from Grainger to help complete your economic Stimulus construction, renovation and modernization projects.

Receive GSA contract pricing when you use your ARRA Stimulus Funds.
Grainger is an Approved ARRA Vendor.



How to Order with Stimulus Funds

  • Call 1-800-GRAINGER. When you order, please notify us that you are using Stimulus Funds. This allows us to track Stimulus orders and provide information you may need to comply with transparency and reporting requirements. Remember to inform us that you are placing an ARRA Stimulus order at the time of purchase for it to be properly flagged.


  • Order online on Indicate that you are paying with ARRA Stimulus Funds, and the order(s) will feed into your Stimulus spend report. 

    Note:  You must sign in on to view your GSA contract pricing and to order as a federal government customer. When you register and complete your profile, please enter your Federal Government Procurement Card (SmartPay® Card) as your payment method.
  • Order online on with a credit card. Find Grainger as a Class 51V Supplier.
  • Order online on DOD EMall for credit card and MILSTRIP orders. Find Grainger as W.W. Grainger in the MILSTRIP authorized vendor list.

Use your Stimulus Funds to order the supplies you need to complete your Federal infrastructure projects!