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HOYA Safety Prescription Eyewear (SRx)

SRx Made Easy
What Is the Program?

HOYA is a pioneer in providing businesses with comprehensive safety prescription eyewear (SRx) products designed to help improve compliance and make program administration easier.

HOYA SRx Made Easy is a self-service program with no minimum number of employees/no minimum program size. Each package contains a complete pair of eyewear and includes the eyecare provider fee. Eye exams are not included.

How Do I Get Started?

We’ll send you a HOYA SRx Eyewear order form after you submit your answers to a few questions below. After you receive your form, you can take it to any of the 2,000 HOYA SRx approved eye care professionals in your area to choose your eyewear and order it. You’ll receive an invoice when your new eyewear has been shipped.

Click here to locate a HOYA eye care professional in your area.

Package Descriptions

Basic Package - Includes any HOYA plastic frame (20+ styles to choose from). Single vision, bifocal, trifocal, occupational and progressive lens designs. Polycarbonate lens materials. Choice of Scotchgard™ Easy Clean or Anti-Fog Coating. Tint: solid or gradient. Side shields: integrated, detachable or permanently attached.

Explore the HOYA SRx Frame Selection Guide and discover more about basic (plastic only) frames.

Enhanced Package - This package features all the items available in the basic package and any frame from the entire HOYA frame collection.

Explore the HOYA SRx Frame Selection Guide and discover more about enhanced (plastic and metal) frames.

Photchromic (Transition) and Polarized Sunglass Packages - Photochromic (transition) or polarized lens options available. Select the Basic with Sunglasses or Enhanced with Sunglasses options for choice of photochromic or polarized lens.

All sideshields, including detachable, integrated, permanent are included.

Respirator Insert Package - This is a prescription insert for respirator full face mask. Please check the model of your respirator. This will need to be written in the frame section of the order form and provided to the Eye Care Professional when ordering.

Questions? Get answers when you send an email to:

Request an SRx Eyewear Order Form

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*Eyewear Packages
(See Program Details & Rules for more information): (check one)
Basic Clear - "Basic SRx Eyewear Package with Clear Lenses: (Item #: 29XL93)
Basic with Sunglasses - "Basic SRx Eyewear Package with Sunglass Option Included: (Item #: 29XL94)
Enhanced Clear - "Enhanced SRx Eyewear Package with Clear Lenses: (Item #: 29XL95)
Enhanced with Sunglasses - "Enhanced SRx Eyewear Package with Sunglass Option Included: (Item #: 45ET93)
Respirator Inserts: (Item # 48RD99)
Contact your Grainger Account Manager or call 1-800-562-3018 for special pricing details.

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