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STEELMAX Welding Supplies

54 products

Welding supplies facilitate welding processes by supporting and stabilizing workpieces, preventing welding torches from overheating, sealing off pipe sections, and more. They're commonly used to supply industrial welding operations such as manual, automated, and machine welding. Magnetic welding squares hold workpieces in place during welding. Weld backing supports the molten weld pool to ensure smooth, consistent root welds. Pipe purging tools isolate and seal off a section of pipe so that the area can be filled with shielding gas to prevent pipe surfaces from oxidizing during welding. Links, clamps, positioners and other welding products help secure the workpiece in place during welding. Water coolant systems provide a stream of water to water-cooled welding torches to prevent them from overheating and malfunctioning.

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