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Soldering Tools and Equipment

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Soldering is the process of forming a joint between two surfaces by heating a filler material (also known as solder wire or solder) at a relatively low temperature until it flows between two surfaces and then letting it cool. Solder joints are mechanically weaker than welded joints but provide better electrical conductivity, making soldering ideal for applications like building circuit boards or installing electronic components. A variety of soldering equipment and soldering supplies are used in hot soldering. Soldering irons and soldering guns are used to heat the solder, and different styles of soldering tips can be used with the hot iron to target the heat to a specific area. Soldered joints can be undone using desoldering tools. Use flux to clean and prepare a surface for soldering to improve the quality of the soldered joint. Soldering stands, pots, and stations help keep your soldering tools organized during use.

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