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Plasma Torch Consumables

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Plasma torch consumables attach to compatible plasma torches to focus, shape, and control the stream of plasma that flows through the torches in plasma cutting tasks. The consumables wear out over time and must be regularly replaced to maintain the performance of the plasma torches. Shield caps protect plasma torch nozzles from damage. Retaining caps secure nozzles, swirl rings, and other consumables in place on plasma torches. Nozzles focus the stream of plasma flowing out of plasma torches. Swirl rings direct the plasma stream as it travels around the electrode and into the nozzle on a plasma torch. Electrodes conduct current to create and maintain an arc for plasma cutting tasks. O-rings help prevent gas leaks that can reduce gas flow through the torches. A complete plasma torch assembly includes a swirl ring, nozzle, retaining cap, shield cap, and electrode.

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