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Cutting Torches and Accessories

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Gas cutting and welding torches, also known as oxy-fuel torches or oxy-acetylene torches, use fuel gas and oxygen to heat and cut through metal workpieces. Cutting torches efficiently cut through thick steel and stainless steel and are well suited for demolition tasks. Welding torches heat the workpiece to fuse two adjacent surfaces and create a strong joint. Torch tips and nozzles direct the flow of gas from the torch for precise results and can be changed to adapt the torch for different workpieces. Flameless flint lighters produce a spark for igniting gas torches. Flashback arrestors prevent safety hazards by stopping the flame from traveling from the torch tip back into the gas line. Fittings and couplings connect the gas and oxygen lines to the torch. Torch kits and torch outfits contain an assortment of parts that are used together for gas torch welding or cutting tasks.

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