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Tool Storage

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Tool storage products provide a place to store tools to keep them ready for a job and prevent them from getting lost or misplaced. Tool bags, backpacks, and totes are soft sided with pockets for holding tools. Portable tool boxes and cases are hard sided to protect tools from damage. Tool belts, aprons, suspenders, and vests allow workers to wear their tools. Tool pouches, holsters, and sheaths add storage to belts and straps. Modular tool storage systems have stackable, interlocking components that form a single mobile unit. Tool cabinets and chests are used alone for basic storage or together for customized storage. Jobsite boxes and cabinets store and secure tools at worksites. Tool utility carts move tools and supplies within a facility. Tool organizers sort and store tools near workbenches or within larger containers. Tool storage accessories are add-ons or replacement parts for tool cabinets, chests, boxes, and bags. Tool hangers and wall brackets mount to a wall to hold frequently used tools.