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Power Tools

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Power tools operate on electric or battery power to perform a variety of jobsite tasks. Cordless tool batteries and power accessories supply power to cordless tools, replenish battery charges, or make connections to different power sources or devices. Drills and drivers turn bits to make holes in materials or install fasteners. Grinders and cut-off tools rotate grinding wheels or other attachments to remove material and prepare surfaces for coating. Power sanders and finishing tools use abrasives to remove material and refine surfaces. Power saws move their blade to cut through wood, metal, masonry, and other materials. Impact wrenches, power torque wrenches, and power ratchets use sockets to turn nuts and bolts. Rotary, demolition, and breaker hammers strike with a bit or chisel to drill into, chip off, or break up concrete and masonry. Rotary, oscillating, and cut-out tools accept various attachments to perform detailed sanding, grinding, carving, polishing, drilling, and cutting.