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Silica Dust Extractors

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Extractors vacuum up silica dust, reducing respiratory hazards from airborne dust and preventing accumulation on floors, surfaces, and tools. They capture dust produced by cutting, drilling, grinding, or surfacing concrete, masonry, rock, and other materials containing silica. OSHA’s Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard 1926.1153 requires employers to limit workers' exposure to silica dust, which can cause silicosis, lung cancer, COPD, and other diseases. Extractor attachments pair with power tools and create a vacuum at the tool bit to capture silica dust. Corded and cordless extractors have a universal hose connector that attaches to the vacuum port on a compatible power tool, extractor attachment, or dust shroud. Industrial dust collectors and pre-separators pick up debris and silica dust generated by concrete floor resurfacing, sandblasting, and other big jobs that produce too much dust for a typical dust extractor to manage.