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Sanding & Finishing Tools

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Power sanders and finishing tools use abrasives that remove material and refine surfaces to prepare for coatings or create a final finish. Rotary and random orbital sanders spin an abrasive disc to sand large, flat surfaces. Sheet and detail sanders slide their straight-sided pad into corners and along vertical surfaces. Band files sand tight spots with a narrow abrasive belt. Belt sanders drive a wide abrasive belt for rapid stock removal. Dust collection accessories assist with capturing sanding dust to reduce respiratory hazards and cleanup. Polishing and buffing tools rotate pads, wheels, and bonnets for light stock removal and final finishes. Drywall sanders remove excess joint compound to level seams on walls and ceilings. Floor sanders prepare wood floors for finishing. Drum sanding machines smooth and plane wood boards. Spindle sanding machines refine curves and contours. Wide belt sanding machines plane larger boards and produce finer finishes than drum sanders.