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Rotary Tools, Oscillating Tools & Cut-Out Tools

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Rotary, oscillating, and cut-out tools are compact, handheld power tools for surface prep and finishing work on small objects and areas. Rotary tools rotate attachments at high speed and low torque for detailed fabrication, repair, restoration, and crafting. They can access tight spaces, recesses, and contours for sanding, grinding, carving, engraving, polishing, routing, drilling, and cutting. Oscillating tools move their blade or attachment from side to side in a small arc at high speed for precise cutting, scraping, sanding, and polishing. Also known as oscillating multi-tools (OMT), they accept various blades and attachments for specific tasks and materials. Cut-out tools spin their bits like a drill but cut like a saw into drywall and other materials. Also called spiral saws and drywall routers, they make a plunge cut and then move up, down, or sideways to cut through material. They are commonly used to make cutouts for electrical outlets.