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ROTOZIP Cut-Out Tools

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Cut-out tools spin their bits like a drill but cut like a saw into drywall and other materials. Also called spiral saws and drywall routers, they make a plunge cut and then move up, down, or sideways to cut through material. Their barrel-grip body allows for fine control to cut along a straightedge, make curved freehand cuts, and follow the shape of electrical boxes, panels, and frames to make cutouts. The bit rotation lends itself to clockwise cuts when tracing inside a box and counterclockwise cuts when tracing outside a box. They have an adjustable depth gauge to control how far the bit cuts into materials. The gauge can be removed to make deep cuts. Corded cut-out tools plug into an outlet to allow longer run times than cordless tools for applications where portability isn't a concern. Cordless cut-out tools run on batteries, so they are more portable than corded tools.

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