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Rotary Hammers

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Rotary hammers drill and chisel concrete and masonry, creating holes and delivering high-impact, low-frequency blows. Also known as SDS drills and combination hammers, they have a hammer-and-rotate mode that spins and thrusts the bit to drill larger-diameter holes in harder materials than hammer drills. Their hammer-only mode chisels and chips for light demolition. A hammer's solid bit capacity is the maximum hole size it drills, but selecting a hammer by its optimal drilling range ensures that the tool will produce consistent results for hole sizes within that range. Rotary hammers are commonly used to drill through-holes, set anchors, and remove bricks. Corded hammers allow long run times for repetitive tasks, maintain full power during operation, and have no batteries to recharge. Cordless hammers operate in areas without access to wired power, eliminate the tripping hazard of a cord, and run on brand-specific batteries.