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Power Saw Blades

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Power saw blades have a toothed or abrasive edge to cut specific materials, such as wood, metal, and masonry in a variety of applications, including woodworking, construction, and metal fabrication. Saw blades are replaced when worn or damaged and are chosen based on the material being cut. Band saw blades are flexible loops that can be used to make straight and curved cuts. Circular saw blades are used in circular saws, miter and chop saws, table saws, and concrete and masonry saws. Cold saw blades have an abrasive edge to cut metal alloys. Diamond saw blades cut through concrete, tile, and brittle metal. Power hacksaw blades are straight blades that cut using a back-and-forth movement. Reciprocating saw blades use a back-and-forth movement to make straight and curved cuts in wood, metal, and other materials. Scroll saw blades are thin blades for cutting intricate patterns.