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Jigsaws have a straight blade that moves up and down to make straight and curved cuts in lumber, walls, floors, and ceilings. They are portable tools and can make horizontal and vertical cuts. Jigsaws have a flat plate that rests on the workpiece. The blade is mounted perpendicular to the plate and has a forward-facing blade that cuts material as the saw is pushed across the workpiece. These portable tools can be brought to the workpiece when it's not possible to use a larger tool. The straight blade is narrow to allow users to cut curves and join corners more accurately than other handheld saws. Corded jigsaws require access to a wired power source and have longer run times than cordless tools. Cordless jigsaws have a rechargeable battery and can be used away from a wired power source, making them more convenient to move around a worksite. Jigsaws are used in carpentry, construction, and other trades.