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Drywall Routers

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Drywall routers allow you to easily cut holes in many thin materials including drywall, thin metal, or thin plywood. Our selection of versatile spiral saws features a collet that holds different types of bits and attachments, and they are capable of reaching very high speeds. Cordless drywall routers are powerful and available in a number of no load rpms and voltages. They’re highly portable since they don’t need a power source. In addition to cutting tools, Grainger has an assortment of drywall router accessories including saw bits, metal cutting wheels, and diamond hole saws. Saw bits help you make plunge cuts and freehand cuts, while metal cutting wheels are suitable for cutting metal door jambs, rebar, metal studs, threaded rods, copper, and conduit. Diamond hole saws are ideal for cutting porcelain, ceramic, and granite surfaces, while dust collection attachments trap up to 90% of dust to help you maintain a clean workspace.

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