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Metal-Cutting Band Saws

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Metal-cutting band saws have a blade speed and cutting force optimized for cutting metal. They leave a clean edge, which reduces the amount of cleanup required after cutting and before welding or machining. Band saws have a toothed or abrasive blade that rotates around two wheels to make clean, precise cuts. Cutting fluid is often used to lubricate metal cuts. Band saws are used in production work, metalworking, and maintenance and machine shops. Horizontal metal-cutting band saws have a table that secures the workpiece while the saw head is lowered to make the cut. Semi-automatic saws can be programmed to make the cut after the workpiece is clamped in place by the operator. Automatic saws position and cut the workpiece as pre-programmed by the operator. Vertical band saws have a stationary head and the cut is made when the workpiece is pushed past the blade.