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Pipe Connection & Cutting Power Tools

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Pipe connection and cutting power tools prepare pipe for installation or repair damaged pipe. Pipe reamer drill attachments remove broken plastic pipe from solvent-welded joints and clear cement residue from fittings to prepare for a new joint. Pipe threading power tools rotate their die head around pipe, conduit, bolts, and rods to cut or repair external threads that mate with internal threads on fittings or fasteners. Press fitting tools, jaws, and rings apply press fittings that join lengths of pipe by friction and force instead of brazing or welding. Pipe grooving tools form slots in pipe so it can be clamped together with a coupling instead of welded. Pipe cutting tools slice through pipe and tubing to cut a length for installation or remove damaged sections. PEX expanders stretch the ends of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) type A tubing to accept cold-expansion fittings.