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Press Fitting Tools

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Press fitting tools apply press fittings that join lengths of pipe without brazing or soldering, providing faster installation and eliminating hazards from heat, open flames, and fumes. They make connections on dry or wet systems, so there's no need to drain pipe before installing the fittings. Also known as pipe press tools, they squeeze press fittings tightly against pipe and form a watertight seal with the fittings' O-ring. They require minimal clearance to fit between runs of pipe or along walls and joists. Press fitting tools accept interchangeable jaws and rings to fit different pipe and tubing sizes.

Milwaukee Press Fitting Tools

Milwaukee Press Fitting Tools

These press fitting tools are powered by Milwaukee batteries of a compatible platform and matching voltage. The batteries can also power other Milwaukee tools.

18 V Sub-Compact

12 V Compact

18 V Standard

18 V Extended