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Drain Cleaning Power Tools

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Drain cleaning power tools remove blockages and clean drains more thoroughly and with less effort than manual drain cleaning tools. Guns and augers clear hair, sludge, and residues from short runs of small-diameter pipe in sink, tub, shower, urinal, and toilet drains. Drum machines unwind cable from their large drum and rotate the cable to break through roots and blockages in floor drains, main sewer lines, and other large-diameter pipe. Sectional machines use segments of cable that store separately from the machine body instead of feeding from an onboard drum, making them more compact to fit into tight spaces and lighter for transport up and down stairs or onto roofs. Auger heads and cutters attach to the cable of a compatible drain cleaning gun, auger, or machine and provide the point of contact to clear blockages. Water jetters spray pressurized water into drain lines to flush out grease, sludge, sand, and other soft blockages.