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Power Riveting Tools

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Riveting tools are used in metal fabrication and assembly tasks to secure thin sheet metal or metal plates together. Rivets are placed in a pre-drilled hole, and the tool applies pressure to secure the rivet. Power riveting tools produce higher compression force, speed installation, and reduce hand fatigue and injuries compared to hand riveting tools, which require the worker to manually compress the handle to install the rivet. Air-powered riveters are typically lighter than cordless tools, helping to reduce operator fatigue when used for long periods of time. They have fewer moving parts, so they tend to run cooler and have a longer lifespan than cordless tools. Cordless riveters run on batteries, so they are more portable than air-powered tools and allow use where a compressed air supply is unavailable. Rivet presenters sort loose rivets and align them so they can be easily inserted into a rivet gun, allowing for one-handed operation.

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