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Mud Mixers & Paddles

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Mud mixers rotate mixing paddles to stir concrete, grout, mortar, and other thick liquids to a uniform consistency. Their high-torque motor drives the paddle through viscous materials that could burn out a drill being used as a mixer. Also known as paddle mixers, they use paddles with long shafts that extend the blades into a bucket and set the mixer handles at a comfortable height for standing while mixing. Dual handles provide a balanced hold to control kickback from mixing torque. The mixer's motor size, rotation speed, paddle style, and number of paddles determine how much material it can mix, the type of materials it mixes, and how quickly it mixes. Corded mixers allow long run times for repetitive tasks, maintain full power during operation, and have no batteries to recharge. Cordless mixers operate in areas without access to wired power, eliminate the tripping hazard of a cord, and run on brand-specific batteries. Paddles connect to a mud mixer and convert rotational power into mixing power.