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Heat Guns & Heat Blowers

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Heat guns and blowers generate high-temperature air and direct it through their nozzle to heat, dry, and soften materials. They accept compatible nozzle attachments to change the airflow. Heat guns are handheld tools used to install heat shrink tubing, solder electronic components, shape PVC pipes, weld tarps, remove decals, strip paint, shrink wrap packages, activate adhesives, repair vehicle molding, thaw frozen locks, and more. Heat blowers have a larger barrel and more powerful motor than heat guns and produce a higher volume of hot air for more rapid action and greater surface-area coverage. Their built-in stand allows mounting on equipment and conveyor lines for hands-free, continuous use in industrial applications such as molding plastics, shrinking sleeves onto wires and harnesses, applying shrink wrap film and bands, and drying ink or paint on silk screen and other materials.