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Cable Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Power Tools

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Cable cutting, stripping, and crimping power tools cut cable to length, remove its insulation, and connect or terminate it. They operate faster and with less effort than manual tools speed installation and repair of cables. Cutters slice through cable, threaded rods, or bolts to cut lengths without deforming the ends. Strippers remove jackets without damaging wire and cable strands, exposing bare wire for splicing or termination. Crimpers compress lug and splice connectors onto cable, making mechanically stable and electrically sound connections. Swaging tools squeeze swage sleeves onto wire rope to create loops (eyes), join two lengths of rope, or form end stops. Cable tie tools wrap ties around wire and cable to bundle lengths together or fasten bundles to racks, framing, or pipe. Wire connector drill attachments attach to a drill and install twist-on wire connectors (wire nuts).