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Drills & Drivers

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Drills and drivers use interchangeable bits to make holes and turn fasteners. They have a chuck or collet that accepts the bits and a switch that activates the tool motor to drive the bits. These tools are mainly used for holemaking and fastening but are sometimes used with attachments for cutting, mixing, or grinding. Pistol-grip drills place the user's hand behind the chuck to steady the tool and control pressure on the bit. Right-angle drills set the bit at 90° to the tool body to access corners and reach into tight spaces. Joist and stud right-angle drills are larger and more powerful than general purpose right-angle drills. Spade-grip drills have multiple handles for two-handed use. Power screwdrivers drive screws with speed and precision. Screw guns drive screws to a set depth. Impact drivers rotate and thrust bits for high-torque driving. Coring rigs remove cylinders of material from workpieces. Hammer drills break up and drill into masonry, concrete, and stone.