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Measuring & Layout Tools

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Measuring and layout tools take dimensional, distance, and alignment readings in building and maintenance tasks. Tape measures extend their blade to measure and retract it for storage. Long and reeled measuring tapes find longer lengths than tape measures. Adhesive tape measures stick to counters, walls, and other surfaces to create measuring stations. Oil gauging tapes check liquid levels in storage tanks. Measuring wheels roll on surfaces to measure long distances. Distance meters aim a laser to find length from one point to another. Rulers use a graduated scale to measure small surfaces. Levels and plumb bobs indicate whether surfaces are horizontally even and vertically straight. Laser levels project light beams for leveling and alignment. Squares and angle finders measure and transfer angles in construction tasks. Wall scanners and stud finders check walls, floors, and ceilings for underlying objects. Marking tools add marks to identify items, indicate status, and organize stock.