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Marking Tools

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Marking tools are used to identify items, communicate their status, and help organize the workplace. Industrial paint markers, crayons, and ink markers are used in production environments to label and organize items. Lumber crayons label and identify lumber and logs that are being processed. Grease pencils can create markings on ceramics and other non-porous surfaces. Carpenter pencils are used in carpentry, framing, and construction to mark layouts and cut lines. Chalk line reels, kits, and marking chalks create layout lines and help organize construction areas and job sites. Railroad chalks are commonly used in the rail industry on a wide variety of surfaces to create bright, weather-resistant markings. Torque marking pastes are applied to fasteners after installation and visually identify if the fastener has loosened over time. Marking systems, inks, and solvents work together to automatically mark items being processed on a production line.