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Hand Tools

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Hand tools operate manually to complete maintenance, repair, and construction tasks. Wrenches grip and turn pipe, fasteners, valves, and more. Screwdrivers, nut drivers, and keys tighten and loosen fasteners. Ratchets and drive tools turn sockets and socket bits. Pliers squeeze their jaws together to grip or cut. Hammers strike objects and surfaces to drive fasteners, position parts, remove material, shape metal, and more. Punching tools and chisels make holes or cuts, shape or remove material, and set parts in place. Files slide their cutting faces along workpiece surfaces to smooth and shape them. Pryers and pullers move, remove, or position parts and materials. Scissors, snips, knives, and blades use their sharp edges to make cuts with more precision than saws. Multi-tools combine multiple hand tools in a single unit. Hand saws cut material layer by layer with their toothed blade.